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Claim It with the Particle Mobile App

Table of contents

  1. Download the Smartphone App
  2. Put your Argon in Listening Mode
  3. Launch the Mobile App
  4. Follow the App’s Instructions
    1. During this process, you will:
  5. Connected to the Cloud
  6. All Set

The quickest and easiest way to claim and set up the WiFi for your device is to use the Particle Tinker app on your smartphone to directly connect with the Argon and give it the WiFi network information.

Working on the CMU Network?

To use the Argon on the CMU network, you will have to pre-registered your Argons with the CMU network. You must complete this step first, before following the guides below. To do this, visit the Claim it with CLI guide and follow the instructions up to and including ‘Get the Mac Address & Register the Device with CMU’ in the document that outlines the claiming process through the CLI

Download the Smartphone App

You can quickly get a link to download the app on your phone by visiting Particle Setup and providing your phone number. It’ll text you a link you can then use to grab it from the App store.

For direct downloads:

Put your Argon in Listening Mode

If it’s not already, make sure the LED on your device is blinking deep blue. If it’s not, just hold down the SETUP button for 3-5 seconds and try the steps again.

Argon in Listening Mode

The Argon when in listening mode will blink blue

Launch the Mobile App

If you’re using the app for the first time, follow the on-screen prompts and use your Particle account information to sign into your account.

When you’re signed in:

  • First time users: You’ll have no devices in your account and be prompted to “Setup a new Device” immediately
  • Existing Users: To setup a new device, click the + icon on the top right corner.

You’ll see a dialog like this. Choose: “Argon / Boron / Xenon”, like the one below

Setup In App

Follow the App’s Instructions

Follow the in-app prompts to claim your Argon. These are illustrated below.

Argon Setup Gif

During this process, you will:

  • Skip the Mesh network
  • Choose CMU-DEVICE as the network
  • The Argon should reboot and connect to WiFi (breathing blue). Wait until it’s connected
  • When your Argon connects to the Particle cloud, it’ll link your account with the device
  • Finally choose a memorable name for your device

The app will find nearby WiFi networks and allow you to connect your Argon to one. You will need the WiFi network name and password (if one is needed).


If you are connecting using the CMU network, the only network you can use is CMU-DEVICE. Do not select CMU-SECURE or CMU-Guest

Having Trouble?

To set WiFi credientials your Particle device needs to be in listening mode. To check, just make sure the LED on your device is blinking deep blue.

If its not, just hold down the SETUP button for 3-5 seconds and try the steps again.

Connected to the Cloud

When the device setup is complete, you will see the Particle change from blinking blue to breathing cyan. It should now look like this:

Argon in Listening Mode

The Argon when connected to the device cloud

Now when you power on your Argon, the status indicator will display a sequence of actions:

  1. Fast Blinking Green: Searching for WiFi
  2. Blinking Cyan: Connecting to your WiFi network
  3. Breathing Cyan: Connected to your WiFi network.

This sequence may take up to a minute depending on how close your Argon is to the WiFi signal source (it takes longer if the signal is weak).


If you complete this step and your Argon turns magenta, this is nothing to be worried about. Sometimes during startup, the Argon will detect an update to its operating system or firmware. When it is in the process of installing an update, it will display magenta and intermittently blink the status indicator as it completes processes. If after claiming your Argon, it turns magenta, be patient. It may be installing an update and you should avoid interrupting this process i.e. Don’t power it down

All Set

Tah Dah! You’re all set to start using your Argon!

If ever you don’t see this sequence when power on your Argon, you’ve moved locations or it remains in listening mode (blinking blue), you might need to reapply the WiFi Credentials. Just go through the claim process again in the Particle mobile app to do this.

Changing Places

If you leave campus and are working at home, or generally move places, remember that you’re also going to be changing WiFi networks! If you change networks you need to tell your device about it. If you’ve moved location and the device is stuck flashing green or rapidly blinking blue, you probably need to set new WiFi credentials

Particle devices remember the last WiFi network they were connected to, but if you change networks you have to tell it each time it should connect to a new or different network.

To do this, just put the device in listening mode (blinking deep blue) by holding down the MODE button for 3-5 seconds and follow the instructions in Step 6.

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