Getting Started

This is a super quick overview of the steps you’ll need to take to get your Argon up and running. You’ll need:

  • A Particle Argon
  • The USB cable
  • A laptop / desktop computer (Windows or Mac)
  • An internet connection (and potentially a connection on your mobile phone too)

This is a quickstart guide for connecting your Argon to the CMU network for the first time and claiming your device.

Connecting at CMU?

If you’re connecting at CMU, the process for getting your Argon online has a few gotchas. The steps in this starter guide will walk you through the process.

It will:

  1. Help you set up and use the command line interface (CLI) to get the MAC address (or hardware identifer) for the WiFi module of the Argon

  2. Register your Particle with the CMU network using the tool to enable WiFi access.

  3. Wait up to one hour for this device registration to complete!

  4. Complete the setup using the Particle Setup Process.

Connecting at Home?

If you’re connecting at home, this process is a lot easier. If you’re using your own personal network, use the following guides:

  • Recommended: Use Particle Setup or you can use the Particle Tinker app on your smartphone to directly connect with the Argon and give it the WiFi network information.

  • Optional: You can also use the command line interface (CLI) from Windows, OSX and Linux to manage and configure your devices. Once installed, just call particle setup and follow the instructions.

Guides on both versions are provided

If you’re running into trouble:

Next Up: Starting the Setup

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