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Preparing for Setup

Let’s follow these steps for a hopefully headache free installation which will let you use the CMU network with your particle.

Create a Particle Account

To be able to set up your device you need to register it as belonging to a Particle account aka claim it. So first make create an account on ( This will also give you access to the Particle Build online code editor too.

Recommended: Download the Particle App

You can quickly get a link to download the app on your phone by visiting Particle Setup and providing your phone number. It’ll text you a link you can then use to grab it from the App store.

For direct downloads:

Optional: Particle CLI

Next, download and install the Particle Command Line Tools (CLI) using the instructions here:

This will a necessary install for anyone on the CMU network, so you can get the Mac Address of your device and enable it to work on the CMU wifi.

Some notes

This guide (and all subsequent tutorials and guides) assumes you’re using the the online IDE (interactive development environment. Particle Build - it’s got tonnes of really nice features for developing IoT solutions and working with the Particle cloud.

If you’d like to work locally on your machine you have two options. First you can use a text editor of your choosing and the Particle CLI to compile and flash your code from a terminal window. Alternatively you can use the Particle Workbench - a complete code editor for Particle Projects. To apply for the preview visit

Particle Dev was a previous desktop development environment, it’s awesome but it doesn’t allow you to write code for the new Mesh products, like Argon.

Next Up: Unbox It