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LEDs Continued

We’ve made our first (and incredibly basic) connected appliance - a light that we can turn on and off remotely through the internet. But woudln’t it be nice if we could do a little more with it, like be able to fade it up and down or be able to mix in color and set a mood.

In this mix of tutorials and guides, we’ll explore Pulse Width Modulation as a way to control the fading of an LED and introduce RGB LEDs (3 component LEDs where red, green and blue light emitters can be mixed),

Components you will need

Fading - Step by Step

  1. Guide: Controlling and Fading LEDs: Pulse Width Modulation

  2. Guide: analogWrite

  3. Tutorial: A Connected Dimmer Switch - a more advanced Internet Appliance

Working with RGB LEDs - Step by Step

  1. Guide: RGB LEDs - A Quick Guide

  2. Tutorial: Using an RGB LED

  3. Guide: Libraries - Adding Functionality

  4. Tutorial: Using the in-built RGB LED

Table of contents