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Power It Up!

Table of contents

  1. Sanity Check
  2. USB Cable
  3. Status Indicator: Listening mode

In the last section you’ve opened your Argon Kit, remove the packaging, and done the basics for setup. In th

Sanity Check

  1. Make sure your attach the antenna to the bottom left of the Argon board (see picture below)

Antenna Connector

  1. Make sure your USB cable is connected

  2. Make sure your Argon is now inserted in a breadboard.

If not, go back and revisit the previous guide.

USB Cable

Go ahead and plug the USB cable into a power source (e.g. your laptops USB port).

Your Argon will light up and you will see (hopefully something like this)

Argon in Listening Mode

The Argon when in listening mode will blink blue

Status Indicator: Listening mode

The devices’s light will flash Blue. This is called listening mode. This means it doesn’t know how to connect to the Wireless network… yet and is waiting for you to tell it how to connect

It’s not blinking blue…

Hold down the MODE button (button to the left of the main LED) until it starts blinking blue.

If all looks well, you are good to begin pairing your Argon with your Particle Cloud account. That’s next up.

Next Up: Claim It

or if you’re working on the CMU network:

Next Up: Claim It using the CLI